The Prison Breaker (2021)


Genre: Crime

About: The title of this series is The Prison Breaker which was first released in the year 2021 and is known to be in the crime genre. You can enjoy watching the episodes here for free. Putlockers will add new episode once it is available online. You can choose which episode to watch below.

Plot: Follows the story of Richard Lee McNair, America's most cunning and elusive fugitive. The true story of one of the most brilliant escape artists of all time, Richard Lee McNair. Thought to be the only person ever to have broken out of jail, state penitentiary and federal penitentiary, this four-hour documentary exposes the master of deception and gives insight into how he did the impossible. McNair is a three-time escape artist who is famous for his sly escape maneuvers, such as crawling through air vents, using lip balm to slip out of handcuffs and, most notoriously, mailing himself to freedom. Now, with the help of journalist Byron Christopher, who spent 13 years building a relationship with McNair, The Prison Breaker uses hundreds of never-before-seen letters, personal photos and videos, and exclusive interviews to give viewers a deep dive into the chaotic world of a criminal mastermind. In addition, also shown are Richard McNair's friends and family, the law enforcement officers whom he betrayed, and the journalists pursuing the truth, tell their versions of interactions with one of America's most wanted criminals. The series begins with recalling the dramatic 1988 arrest and flight of a young escape artist, and then delves into McNair's 1992 jailbreak and his astonishing time on the run. But perhaps the most provocative are the details behind his 2006 escape-by-mail that vaulted McNair to international infamy. The four hours end with a deep dive into McNair's dramatic capture and a remembrance of the monstrous event that started it all. Read More