Episode guide:
E31: Samantha Stosur, Freddie Mercury, Seinfeld, and the Galapagos tortoise.
E30: Jurassic Park, Elvis, Gough Whitlam and the Charlotte Hornets
E29: Scooby-Doo, The Salvation Army, The Big Lebowski and Slipknot.
E28: Kate Bush, Bratz dolls, Kakadu National Park and The Goodies.
E27: Battle Of The Duds: The Phantom, Miles Davis, Easy Rider & Adolf Hitler
E26: Backstreet Boys, Pirates of the Caribbean, Australian Wine & Sir David Attenborough
E25: Come From Away, Katy Perry, Human Immune System & Rene Descartes
E24: S Club 7, Modern Family, Brisbane Broncos & Schindler's List
E22: Harry Styles, Evonne Goolagong Cawley, Pulp Fiction & Wheat
E21: Lancaster Bomber, Celine Dion, The IT Crowd & African Venomous Snakes
E20: Microbats, Minecraft, Mars & Billy Madison
E19: Android, Sydney Opera House, AFL Umpires & Gladiators
E18: Australian Parrots, Cricket Bats, Bones & WikiLeaks
E17: Morse Code, Animal Crossing, Good Will Hunting, Machin Stamps
E16: Battle Of The Duds
E15: Hello Kitty, Triumph MC, Michael J. Fox, Gilbert & Sullivan
E14: Australian Zoos, Salt n Pepa, Bojack Horseman, Anna Pavlova
E13: Encanto, Brett Whitely, George Harrison, Man vs Wild
E12: George Michael, The Sims, Western Bulldogs & Cuban Missile Crisis
E11: Rent, Beyonce, Australian finches, SeaChange
E10: Scouts Australia, The Incredibles, Michel Jordan & Penny Farthing Bicycles
E09: Blade Runner, Geoffrey Chaucer, Daniel Ricciardo & Pineapples
E08: Nicki Minaj, the Platypus, Joseph Stalin & Colonoscopies
E07: Tony Hawk, Glenn McGrath, Mad Men & Parachuting
E06: Battle Of The Duds - Bugs Bunny, Hamilton The Musical, Love Actually & Airbus 320
E05: PM Anthony Albanese, Grey's Anatomy, Echidnas & Rin Tin Tin
E03: Samantha Stosur, Freddie Mercury, Seinfeld & the Galapagos Tortoise
E02: Typefaces, the Tasmanian Devil, Breaker Morant & Tina Arena
E01: Lion King, Legend of Zelda, Smallpox & Antique Purses

Next Episode 9x12 Date: Apr 24th

Hard Quiz (2016)


Genre: Comedy , Game-show

About: The title of this series is Hard Quiz which was first released in the year 2016 and is known to be in the comedy and game-show genres. You can enjoy watching the episodes here for free. Putlockers will add new episode once it is available online. You can choose which episode to watch below.

Plot: Host Tom Gleeson sets out to find Australia's hardest quiz champion, pitting four contestants against each other in a battle of attrition. Read More