Devilman Crybaby (2018)


Genre: Animation , Action , Drama , Fantasy , Horror

About: The title of this series is Devilman Crybaby which was first released in the year 2018 and is known to be in the animation, action, drama, fantasy and horror genres. You can enjoy watching the episodes here for free. Putlockers will add new episode once it is available online. You can choose which episode to watch below.

Plot: When sensitive teenager Akira is dragged into a world of demons and devils by his childhood friend, Ryo, his life changes forever. Finding himself merged with an incredibly powerful demon, Akira devotes his time and effort into protecting mankind from demons and the destruction they bring. What he soon discovers, however, is that things are never black and white, and that his values will be constantly tested in a new world of shades of grey. What follows is a twisted and poignant tale of sacrifice, betrayal, love, grief, and the slow realization that maybe humans are the real monsters. Read More