The Love Club: Nicole’s Pen Pal


Genre: Comedy , Romance

About: The title of this movie is The Love Club: Nicole’s Pen Pal which was released in the year 2023 and is categorised as comedy and romance genres. You can enjoy watching it here, on Putlocker, for free. As far as the storyline goes you can watch the trailer. Putlockers provided a link for this movie where you can stream it in HD

Plot: The romantic among those in the club, Nicole has just accepted Warren's somewhat surprise marriage proposal, but she isn't happy in having that nagging feeling as she often does just before she breaks-up with a boyfriend. She finally admits to the others in the club that that feeling is largely because of still thinking about the guy that stood her up that New Years Eve ten years ago. The problem is is that she never met him and doesn't even know his name, just that he was her assigned pen pal in an English class - they only to use their first initials, his being J - it being his letters with which she made such a strong connection, and which provided her much emotional support during difficult times in her life. In doing some digging, she and her friends believe that the mystery man is one of two people, the most likely candidate being Josh Nolan, the manager of the Kennworthy Inn a couple of hours drive away. In learning that the inn's owners have hired a design firm but that the redecoration has been delayed, Nic, with the other three club members in tow, sees it as the perfect opportunity to meet Josh under the guise of being said designer, she eventually to tell him the truth when the time comes. The question then becomes whether Nic will be so swayed about Josh being or not being her pen pal J truly not to see the person standing in front of her, especially as she has been holding onto those thoughts of J and his letters for ten years. Read More