The Last of Us


Genre: Action , Adventure , Drama , Horror , Sci-fi , Thriller , Fantasy

About: The title of this movie is The Last of Us which was released in the year 2013 and is categorised as action, adventure, drama, horror, sci-fi, thriller and fantasy genres. You can enjoy watching it here, on Putlocker, for free. As far as the storyline goes you can watch the trailer. Putlockers provided a link for this movie where you can stream it in HD

Plot: Twenty years after a fungal infection obliterated most of the U.S. population and turned the victims into infected monstrosities, Joel is tasked with escorting Ellie to the Fireflies to help reverse engineer a cure. This isn't easy for either of them, since Joel has been left almost permanently bitter after the death of his daughter, and Ellie is distrusting of him. Read More