Justine: A Midsummer Night's Dream


Genre: Adventure

About: The title of this movie is Justine: A Midsummer Night's Dream which was released in the year 1997 and is categorised as adventure genre. You can enjoy watching it here, on Putlocker, for free. As far as the storyline goes you can watch the trailer. Putlockers provided a link for this movie where you can stream it in HD

Plot: Justine is a precocious teenage student and Professor Robson is a facility member at the Topacre Academy for gifted young girls. Justine along with several of the other girls are infatuated with the be-speckled but handsome Professor. Justine, who is ostensibly a virgin, and the Professor seem to get dragged into one international quest after another and while Justine manages, to her chagrin, (she desires to be deflowered by the Professor) to remain innocent, her dreams and fantasies do not. Read More