Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas


Genre: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Romance

About: The title of this movie is Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas which was released in the year 2019 and is categorised as comedy, drama, fantasy and romance genres. You can enjoy watching it here, on Putlocker, for free. As far as the storyline goes you can watch the trailer. Putlockers provided a link for this movie where you can stream it in HD

Plot: Jess goes on her first date with Ben and it exceeds all her expectations. However on her way home her car is hit and she dies. Ben is disappointed when she does not reply to his texts and think that she's ghosting him (without knowing it's actually the case in a very literal way). But after her funeral she turns up at her best friends Kara's home. To both their surprise Kara can see her. Something is holding Jess back on earth and Kara seeks help from her spiritual coach Chrissy. Chrissy thinks that it's love that holds Jess back. Can it be her brief connection with Ben? They seek him up and to their surprise he can see Jess too. Will they be able to find out how to help Jess? Read More