Apache Drums


Genre: Action , Adventure , Drama , Western

About: The title of this movie is Apache Drums which was released in the year 1951 and is categorised as action, adventure, drama and western genres. You can enjoy watching it here, on Putlocker, for free. As far as the storyline goes you can watch the trailer. Putlockers provided a link for this movie where you can stream it in HD

Plot: In 1880, in the Southwestern USA, Apache Chief Victorio breaks the peace treaty and starts attacking White settlements with his band of renegade braves. His reason is the famine to which his tribe of Mescalero Apache is subjected to. The newly drawn Mexico-USA border line prevents the Apache from hunting on either side of the border. These reasons are of little consolation for the American settlers who feel the wrath of Apache attacks. In the town of Spanish Boot, inhabited mostly by Welsh silver miners, Mayor Joe Madden decides to preserve the clean image of a hard-working town by evicting the bad elements. Among them, Madam Betty Careless and her girls are told to leave town. Also, card-shark gunfighter Sam Leeds is ordered out of town but he suspects that Joe Madden simply wants him out of the way due to their romantic rivalry concerning cantina owner Sally. Madam Betty Careless and her girls leave for Silver Springs by wagon. Following a ways behind on horseback is Sam Leeds. At a mountain pass, Sam stumbles upon the dead bodies of Betty and the girls killed by Apache arrows. He returns to Spanish Boot to warn the townsfolk but no one believes him. When they're about to run Sam out of town for the second time, the stagecoach arrives but everyone on the stage is dead, killed by Apache arrows. Realizing that Sam's warning was true, the townsfolk hold council. A small platoon of cavalry, led by Lt. Glidden, arrives in town and they help the locals organize a defense. One man on horseback is sent to the nearest army fort to bring reinforcements. Unfortunately, the dead body of this man is discovered the next day in the town's water well. The locals now have to bring water from a far-away river that flows on Apache lands. They also have to bury the dead, including the bodies of Betty and her girls. During the funeral, the Apache attack the town. Some locals are killed while the rest, escorted by Lt. Glidden and his men, take refuge in the sturdily built church and they barricade the heavy oak doors. Outside the church Apache Chief Victorio and 200 braves prepare to burn the emptied town, to assault the church and kill everyone. Throughout the night, the Apache incessantly beat their drums and probe the church's defenses with small attacks but they plan a major assault for the next morning. Running low on food, water and ammunition, the people trapped inside the church are praying for a miracle. Read More